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Relationship Counselling or Marriage Guidance

I provide a space for couples to discuss their relationship with the intention of improving their communication, finding more love for each other, and ultimately having a more fulfilling experience of life. This can positively affect the lives of others closely living with you, your children for example.


Couples come to me who are:

1) no longer happy

2) experiencing too much conflict

3) leading more and more separate lives

4) are dissatisfied with their sex life

5) dealing with addiction

6) dealing with an affair

7) dealing with life changes, for example having children, bereavement

8) at the end of their relationship but feel they would like to give it one last go or do a good ending


I have experience of working with couples of all sexual orientations - I work with couples who have been together for years, or for just a few months.


I recommend we arrange 6 sessions initially, once weekly for an hour. We can then decide between us what is needed next.



Please contact me for further information.



Telephone: 07971 544979